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If you write it, will they read it?

By September 7, 2011 No Comments

Just reading 35 Interesting Statistics About Email and can’t help but be curious how they got their research. Whatever. That isn’t really my point here. The “fact” that they say that “74 percent of adults online prefer using email for communication” is.

If we say that we prefer using email, does that mean we prefer responding by email, receiving email or both? And if we like – or at least 74% of us online – like using email, what do we like about it? I get emails I like and emails that I definitely don’t like. But really that isn’t the point either.

Here it is: Just because people say they prefer using email doesn’t mean they or we read everything we get. Emails have to be carefully and thoughtfully crafted to encourage a reader to give up his or her precious time to read our message. The more respect we can extend to the reader; the more clear, concise and relevant we can make it, the more likely it is that people who like reading email will like reading ours.

What do you think? Do you prefer email? Why? What do you like?

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