I’m never at a loss for content for my Facebook Email Wall of Shame <https://www.facebook.com/SpeakerSueHC>.

And this is such a great one to learn from.

First, the backstory: I contacted this company because a colleague showed me their elegant webinar platform. I was convinced at that moment to migrate from what I use now (which is good) to what her large enterprise uses (which is awesome).

Stay with me, please.

I emailed and asked them for pricing because I was ready to make the change.

The sales person couldn’t just provide me with pricing because HER sales strategy was to set up a phone meeting.

Okay… I get it. We agreed to a call.

But she did not call.

Instead two days later, I received this email. (Here is only a portion of her message.)

Good morning,
I would like to apologize for missing our call Monday. I’m currently researching if a Mac system would be compatible with our Microsoft products. I also have a few more questions to determine the right product solutions for you. Are you looking for internet services for your conferencing needs as well?

Since I’m new to your account and your business, take me through your day to day operations and how you use technology to make your business more efficiently. Describe how you use your internet, voice, and business applications?


But this wasn’t a one-off.

I’m reviewing follow-up emails for a client. They received an RFP and the lead was ready for an agreement. The turn around needed to be quick, and the company had the bandwidth to take care of everything in the RFP and create a wow experience.

Instead, the salesperson emailed back a list of questions that extended from here to %^$$* (a shortened, modified version to protect my client):

I am following up to your below request … We are hoping you are able to provide us with some further details …

• Are you currently in a bid situation, and are you looking into any other destinations for this group?
• Have you sent this RFP to any other hotels in the area?
• What is the group demographic and purpose of the trip?
• Where has the group held this event in the past?
• What has worked in the past for this group? Conversely, what has not?

The prospect wanted to buy. All she needed was an answer and an agreement.

Bottom line: If your leads go to radio silence, is it because you forced them into it?

Answer their questions!

Unless you absolutely must have answers before creating a preliminary proposal, answer their questions.

Create excitement and vision around your answers.

Help them to see how successful, fun, productive, unique their event will be.

But stop taking care of yourself before you take care of your customer.

PS. Thank you for reading this very long post. I promise to keep them shorter!

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