Using email, Shelly introduces you to her colleague, Michael . She thinks he can benefit from your services or product.

What will your email say?

“Thank you for the introduction Shelly, and what a pleasure to e-meet you, Michael.”


Stop it!

First, pick up the phone or email Shelly to thank her. While you’re talking ask why she thinks Michael can also benefit from what you offer.  (This will help you write a much better prospecting email to Michael.)

Then, when you email Michael, with Shelly on the copy line, address it to him and make Shelly the hero. Try something like:

Hi Michael,
Shelly is so awesome and she told me that X is also important to your success…


Hi Michael,
Shelly was excited to tell me about how important X is to you…

Notice there is no sappy, too formal, very fake (of course, you know very fake is silly too), “nice to e-meet you!” We all know it’s through the magic of electronics that you’re meeting so just get on with it.


leveraging and utilizing
reaching out,
circling back,
checking in,
touching base

What else drives you nuts?

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