I’ve been reading quite a few proposals lately and if you want to make the shortlist, don’t sound like everyone else.

One proposal sounds exactly like the next.

Take the company name off and they are indistinguishable.


Your job is to create proposals that excite buyers and connect with them on an emotional level.

It starts with reading the lead.


Lead with what is most important to THEM.

Specifically mention their hot buttons.

Add interesting photos that tell their story and are aligned with their vision.

Use narrative for your photos that helps them imagine, envision, see, feel, picture, hear, consider.

Infuse your brand words and their values.

Write like you’re human with a personality.

Create exciting headers.

Personalize, personalize, personalize.

Include only content that matters to your buyer – even if that means not talking about your awesome spa!

Become your customer.

Be bold!

If your proposal looks and sounds like the other guys, then I might as well choose them.

Your introductory proposal paragraph – often the only place for significant narrative and personalization – can’t be a cut and paste job from your website.

What should it be?

Aligned with your buyer’s key drivers.
Infused with your tribal language.
Filled with vision and care.

Keep your unique story focused on your buyer and watch buyer’s become interested in learning more and advancing the sale with YOU.

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