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It is what it is or it isn’t

Here is what I’ve noticed. No one ever says, “It is what it is,” when things are going well. It’s only when things are really beginning to smell that we pull out the nifty, new, all-purpose, motivational slogan, it is what it is. Very Zen.
But, if it is what it is, is the truth (and how could it not be?), then the true motivation comes in the next questions: So What? Now What?

Calming down (it is what it is) is step one. It’s what happens after the disappointment, hurt, anger, that determines success.

It is what it is, is, only until you make it better.

Often making it better means letting go. It’s the understanding that closing one door, no matter how challenging and stressful that may be, inevitably leads to the next one opening. It’s moving on and forward to experience greater happiness, achieve different dreams, enjoy new adventures.

My sweet English Springer Spaniel, Buster, went to the Rainbow Bridge, December 5, 2007. I decided then I could never get another dog. My heart was broken. Cancer took him and it is what it is. But it isn’t. A dog person is a dog person and living life without one just wasn’t that much fun. It took 3 months and 17 days to let go of the pain so I could welcome 2 new puppies into my life. (Buster is smiling up there knowing it took 2 to take his place!) Here are Sophie and BC. A new chapter, an opened door. And, yes, a lot of poop.

BC & Sophie

Whether personally or professionally, the next time you hear yourself saying, “It is what it is,” stop and ask: So how will I make it better? What do I need to let go to make it so?

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