Presentation Mastery

Presentation Mastery: The Japanese Way

It gets light late here in Oahu, and so instead of running, I decided to work out on the bike in the hotel’s fitness area. “Area” would be a generous word, so it was quite easy and natural for the Japanese woman who was on the other stationary bike inches away from me to talk to me. Long story short, she is spending two months in Hawaii so that she can translate a paper she wrote in English while in England with her husband, into Japanese. She told me that she used to lecture, but now that she is 60, she doesn’t anymore. And when I asked why that was so, she said,  “When I worked, I was a professional. Even if I earned only one dollar for my work, I had to work every minute to do the best. Anything less would not be professional.”

And that’s how one achieves presentation mastery.

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