Selling Skills

Selling Skills: 2 trends to pay attention to to stay in business today

Creating a great user experience has always been the key to success. But today with the economy about to pull out of a recession (didn’t it feel good just reading that? I have no statistics to prove that but here is what I know for sure: attitude can change the world. If we think more positive, and act that way too, the truth [as always] will fulfill our projection), what exactly is a great user experience? Regardless of how high end or value-rich your product or service is, a great user experience needs to help buyers feel like they are:
1. Being thoughtful consumers
2. Being safe and smart

Thoughtful Consumerism

How do you sell thoughtful consumerism? Consider this (and if you can’t find at least one idea from this list, change that today:
Doing good works
Ecological fundamentals
Indulging others
Caring for others

So, if I were making a cold prospecting call, I’d start with a list of colleagues from an association I belong to (friendship) and say, Hi Karolyn, This is Sue Hershkowitz-Coore and because we both belong to MPI and I was wondering if you’re keeping a list of potential speakers for your upcoming meetings. (Notice I didn’t say, how are you today?, but that’s another post!)

On our follow-up conference call, I might say (not immediately, of course!):
Taking care of others and making sure they have the tools they need to create success today…

And in an email, I might write: You want your attendees to have fun, to feel comfortable and know that they’re hearing fresh new ideas to take care of themselves and the company…

Being safe and smart
Take the risk out of the purchase -whatever the purchase is. Help your customer feel like they’ve always been coming to you, always using your product, not making any sort of leap at all moving away from their current supplier to working with you. Buyers today want to go with the familiar so if you are, highlight that. If you aren’t, make sure they feel like you’re as comfortable as an old shoe. Help them feel smart about selecting you and create a safety net for them. Do what it takes to make them feel comfortable and risk-free and you’ll not just stay in business, you’ll succeed today, tomorrow and beyond.

More later….

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