Presentation Mastery

Presentation Mastery: What we see by watching others

This week I had the opportunity to observe three sales trainers; training professionals rather than experts in the field in which they were training (think English teacher teaching a math class).

I’ve observed hundreds of speakers and trainers and here is what set these woman apart: They started with heart.  They wanted their students to succeed and it was apparent from the moment their attendees arrived. Their care, compassion, authenticity and preparation made everything good.

I was once told that what I lacked in professionalism (which at the time was everything!), I made up for in enthusiasm. These women showed me up. What they lacked in professionalism (which was very little), they made up for in heart.

So it got me thinking: how can we authentically amp up the love? When the people we teach and talk to know we care about their success, their success – and ours – is practically guaranteed.

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