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Sales Mastery: Why, why, is really important…

By October 14, 2009July 9th, 2018No Comments

In preparation for an upcoming Power Sales Writing workshop, I’ve been reviewing my client’s writing examples. And I have to say  if I read about one more gabillion dollar renovation, I’m going to scream.
First (and not most important, but still) is the word itself. Renovation. The first definition in is: to restore to good condition; make new; repair.
So when you are Choosing commercial landscapers, it doesn’t tell me that the project, venue or hotel is any good. It just tells me that it was in need of repair. Really, really in need of repair.

Second (and much more important) is why. Why did your company invest so much money in this plumbing services dallas tx? (Quick. Why did they beside that it was tired and worn? Dig deeper! Bet it has to do with serving and satisfying your guests’ needs better….)  How will the newly remodeled (ahhhhhh!) hotel, property, project, venue help your customers? Is it the incredible landscape from rockery? Will the new environment help meeting attendees stay focused? Will the beautiful, comfortable new rooms offer a welcome retreat and a great night’s sleep to help them be more productive the next day?

Connect the dots. Help customers see how they’ll benefit.

Talk and think more about your customer and less about your company. That is what’s important.

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