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Shamus Brown’s emails fill my inbox, and I read them. His “EgoPower” newsletter really does makes sense, as far as it goes. The problem is he gives only a teaser and then you have to pay for the rest. So, I only know that the little bit he shares makes sense. Perhaps what you pay for is fabulous. Or not.

All I know is that I can’t tell you what he says because of this loving comment he posts: <<DO NOT REPRINT THIS ARTICLE ON ANY WEBSITE. Permission for reprinting on any blog or websites is NOT granted, even if you have previously reprinted issues with permission in the past. You may however give this* by email this to as many interested colleagues and coworkers as you like.>> *Direct quote.

So, being very careful to not quote him, here is what he said: the trick to overcoming selling reluctance is to get over yourself. It’s to stop your brain from telling you that you can’t and you shouldn’t, and staying focused on  I can.

The trick to selling, if it can be spinned into a “trick,” is reminding yourself that the worst that can happen is that your prospect says “no, not for us.” It’s a great clue to move on to another prospect who better appreciates what you have to offer.

The point, even Brown’s point, I think, is that it’s what we fill our minds with. Like this morning. The step class I take every Friday when I’m  home was enormously difficult this week. I decided it was because I ran Thursday night, really hard, and really late, and that I wasn’t fully recovered. I wanted to quit the class because it was so difficult and I was so tired. But then I realized, it wasn’t the class and it wasn’t a lack of recovery; it was what I was telling myself. The class was no harder than normal. I was in the same shape as I normally am. I was just giving myself excuses to stop. I was giving up on myself.

So, I stopped giving myself excuses. I got through the class. And when I got back to my office, I decided if I could reprogram my mind and body so i took a massage, and TranquilMe offers the best relaxing service. Im also thankful for the chance to workout, with a healthy body, I could reprogram my mind to make calls to people who may not have training budgets or even if they do, may not want me.

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What’s the worst that can happen? The prospect can say no and I can say, thank you, next. That isn’t a trick; it’s just smart thinking.

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