You have a great product.

But that doesn’t mean anyone will be persuaded to respond to your prospecting efforts.

If your prospecting email is filled with how great your product is, how experienced you are and what you accomplished prior to covid-19, you can pretty much count on a quick delete.

Why should anyone respond to your prospecting efforts?

Because with you, they will be better off.
They will be safer, smarter, happier, more successful.
That’s it.

Years ago there was a great book called The Challenger Sale (Matthew Dixon & Brent Anderson). Based on the title, people who didn’t read the book thought it advocated challenging your clients. Well, true – but not with aggression; with great advice, new ideas, innovation, creativity and smart insights.

A challenger ensures the business relationship (friendship or not) creates enough value for the other person that he/she prefers to collaborate with you over others (friendship or not).

When prospecting, it makes NO sense to provide facts and features about what you can do.
It’s the insights and important ideas you bring that enlighten, inspire and elevate prospective clients and motivate them to want to learn more from you, that matter.

So about that sales cadence… It needs to be based on (see above) great advice, new ideas, innovation, creativity and smart insights.
This cadence develops trust, nurtures business relationships and encourages authentic conversation:
Connection/Social media connection/Thank you for connection.
•Friendly, informed “no ask” content.
•Friendly, informed “no ask” content.
•Friendly, informed “no ask” content.
•Control next step.
•Ask for next, next step.
•Nurture with more “no ask” content.

What is the best day to start prospecting?
Sunday. Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday. Thursday. Friday. Saturday.

And please do not think this isn’t about automating the process.

Sure, if you throw enough against the wall, something will stick. Be better than that.

Look for ways you can be human.
Take time to personalize.
Be professionally persistent.
Help them with relevant, meaningful content.
Ask less. Give more.

If your goal is truly to ensure they are at their best, it’s your time to prospect right now!

Before you go…

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