I’m beyond lucky to live in the Arizona desert despite the occasional creepy crawler (see the Gila Monster we found in our garage Sunday!). During a long 8 mile run, I see about eight people.

The other day I was happily running and another runner was running toward me. The path was about four feet wide and as she approached, she took her face mask and covered her mouth and nose and kept going.

I admit to being a bit insulted. I was busy saying hi and she was busy social distancing.

She did exactly what our emails should do; give each other the space we and they need to be sure they feel safe moving forward.

Asking ourselves, and also, maybe our buyers, “Is this appropriate now?” is important.

But how does one determine the answer?

More important is to ask ourselves,
Will this be helpful to my reader?
Does this provide information or will it simply be an irritation?
Am I providing clarity and emotional certainty?
Is my message focused on planning, dreaming and joy or negativity and pessimism?

The key is the space and care they need – not necessarily what we want – to feel confident moving forward.


Forget the somber music, sadness and apology. Now is the time for emotional certainty.

We don’t know when this will end but we do know when it ends, we’ll be there.

Stop focusing on the negative and bad news.

Run the mile you’re running and look for the good. Look for the positive.

The more you look, the more you find.

Make THAT message clear in every communication.

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