As soon as I received the email from my car dealer, who I absolutely do not have a relationship with, saying I was their top priority, this post wrote itself.

Maybe if the manager hadn’t started with, “Dear Friend,” it wouldn’t have been as obvious…

Stop the transaction, platitudes, weasel words, fake caring approach!

We all know I’m not your friend and selling the car was your top priority, I wasn’t. I know that because up until now, other than when you wanted to sell something new to me – or wanted something from me like a completed JD Power survey, I never heard from you.

And more:
Yes, these are “unsettling times” but telling me that doesn’t settle me.

Also, I don’t really need to read what you are vaguely doing (that never really explains what you’re doing):
“We are closely monitoring the World Health Organization (WHO), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and local health agencies for the latest developments related to COVID-19 and following the guidance of government and public health officials.”

Tell me you’re still paying your staff.
Tell me how you’re helping your staff.
Tell me my loyalty points will be extended.
Tell me how you’ve modified your cancellation policy, in my favor.
Tell me how I can easily find updated information (don’t make me click more than once).

Now is not the time for platitudes or putting on a fake happy face.

It is time for authenticity, care, kindness and compassion.

Now, more than ever, those who focus on what matters to buyers, guest, customer, client will be positioned for future success.

Before you go…

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