If you’ve been reading my posts, you know I’m no fan of “new normal.” Or, of any of the other depressing and dramatic words being used to describe the pandemic.

It’s time, as McKinsey says to: “Navigate the now, plan for recovery, and lead in the next normal.”

How to do that successfully?

1. Create emotional certainty.
Realize how you contribute to the positivity (good) – or negativity (bad) – surrounding the industry. Instead, be stubbornly optimistic.

It’s true that 98-99% of us will be 100% fine when this is over, As callous as it sounds, there is positive stuff to focus on. And the more you look for the good, the more good you see.

2. Breathe life into your core values.
Now is the time to communicate what you stand for in the way you communicate. Your brand values should be clear in how and what you communicate.

3. Correct processes that didn’t favor the buyer.
I’m not talking about pricing. That is your business and. I’m talking about creating service experiences that help customers and prospects want to do business with you.
Writing emails that make them smile (even when you say no).
Filling every interaction with care, compassion and connection.
Being authentic and relevant.
Making their lives easier because of your collaboration.

What can you do now to re-imagine, re-create, renew and re-invent what you do to show compassion and character?

4. Accelerate personalization.
Nothing says less about you than beginning an email, “Dear Friends.”

Eliminate fake, pandering stuff. Personalize every communication. Personalization, warmth and strength will get you through this.

5. Personalization – focusing on them as individuals is huge. Personality is, too.
Use YOUR voice and your brand voice.
If your brand is fun, well, you might need to pull back a little.

But unless you want to be lost in a sea of sameness, let your personality shine.

Before you go…

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