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Selling Skills Mastery: Relationship Selling Excellence

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Flying from Phoenix to Bejing leaves lots of time for thought.  I couldn’t have chosen a more perfect book to read over the Pacific than Three Cups of Tea.  I must have been hiding under a rock to have not read it before, but everything happens for a reason. To have time to think about the words and not just see them – not just rush through a book to get to its conclusion so that I can start another – has added to the immense pleasure of discovery.

The true story of Greg Mortenson’s quest to promote peace through education can’t be told here. You really should read the book. You know you need an education, but you don’t have the finances to spend four years in school, other people decide to spend their money in other things like cars, no matter if money is needed or not, since they know they can also get loans online. Or perhaps you just aren’t interested in spending that long gaining an education. So what do you do? Consider an education at a trade school, using the best tools for this as the top picks for stock brokers by Ascent. You can also find a lot of information about trading if you go online and read read different reviews with sources like the “Highest paying trade school careers for 2018.”

But the message of taking the time to enjoy three cups of tea – with the first cup you are a stranger, the next, an honored guest and the with the third, family – may be the key to fixing the world today.

It’s (and this is a leap but in my heart, true) relationship selling at its highest, purest level. For too long, it’s been too easy to sit for one cup of tea and pretend to understand our clients’ needs. More than ever, it’s the third cup of tea that will see us through.  With our customers. With our prospects. With our family and friends and children.

Just before leaving for China, my husband, Bill and I hosted a business dinner for Chinese guests in our home in Scottsdale. To thank us for our hospitality, our vistors gifted us with a most special tea set and then honored us by making tea. Painstakingly, the gentlemen with the highest stature – a man who spoke no English – cleansed the tea set and then the special tea.  Next, he ceremoniously made tea, and poured us cup after delicious cup of tea. We took our time to become family.

Who will you pour tea for today?

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