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“This is like asking for a woman’s phone number ten minutes after meeting her.” Eric Field

That is how Eric described the icky feeling when “Some goof asks to join my network and then hits me with a sales pitch ten minutes later.”

Truth is there is a much better chance of getting that phone number than getting the contact to say, “Yes please”.

LinkedIn is an awesome prospecting tool if your mindset is right.



Quick answer: Do you use LinkedIn to gain contacts or build connections?

I didn’t mean to insult you with the question because of course you answered, “connections”.

So start doing it.

No spammy sales tactics!
No “Hello, I love you, won’t you sleep with me?”

Try this cadence instead:
Your prospect accepts your invite? Woo-hoo!

1. Send a thank you. Full stop

2. Offer ideas
A few weeks later, send a link about something that might help this contact. If you’re a hotelier, and she is a meeting planner, make it about your city, or new tech tools, new anything – but not about your hotel!

Don’t expect a response. If you get one, sweet.

3. Meet in real time?
A few weeks later, mention an upcoming event you’re attending. Will they be there?
Ask but don’t stalk.
And don’t suggest coffee. Really? You haven’t yet earned the right to take up their time.

4. No action requests.
No sales pitch.
Not even ending with: “Check out our new great whatever.”
A few months later, send more helpful/insightful/interesting info (but not about your hotel!).

5. Come from curiosity and ask a sincere question.
A few months after that, focus on some new/interesting thing you saw on their website/linkedin page/post they commented on.

6. Wash and repeat.
Keep providing them meaningful information – get creative! – until they move from contact to connection.

Be genuine about helping them instead of pushing your product. That’s all there is to it.

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