When I started mystery shopping my clients a few years ago, I didn’t realize how much I’d learn about how to – and not to – sell.

But this month’s results blew my mind.

My associate sent 20+ requests for information. It took more than a day, on average, for a response.

That was bad.

But this is worse.

Only one – just one! – company followed up three times. And they were one of two that followed up twice.

Guess who would win the business?

Showing up IS half the battle. Or more.

High performing sales people understand the client may have been distracted, has other priorities, is shopping alternatives. So they persist. They send insightful, smart, strategic emails that pique interest and help the buyer/wedding couple/colleague/customer see the bigger picture. The picture that matters to them.

You want to drive revenue? You want to boost your sales numbers? You want to convert more leads? The gold is in the follow-up.

But don’t get crazy.

Don’t stalk.

Don’t reply back within seconds asking if they have time to talk that afternoon (unless of course they need the product tomorrow).

Don’t send junk.

Don’t take your email responses for granted.

Help them see possibilities. Make it easy. Show care.

Make your emails work for you because right now there is no more important tool to engage, influence and win the sale.

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