I study words and the way they impact people.

Because of that, I wasn’t entirely surprised when I learned the word “normal” actually made people feel excluded. Based on a 10,000 person study in nine countries, including the US, seven in 10 people agreed the word “normal” had negative effects.

Except among participants age 18 – 35. Then, eight in 10 felt it was inappropriate and negative.

When Unilever, the maker of brands like Dove and Sunsilk, learned the results of this research, they immediately began removing the word from over 200 products.

What words do YOU need to update or eliminate?

Too often writers’ write from a self-centered sensibility and a narrow, personal perspective. If you truly want to engage, connect and move your customer, pay attention to whether the words you choose are brain-friendly and positive, because when they are, it changes everything.

Are you so serious, so focused on transaction, so busy or so old-school, that you think formal is always best?

Just released research talks about the need to add “lightness” to your message.

Not humor.


The more personable you are, the more your buyer likes you. Full stop.

It’s (past) time to update your words and add friendliness, positivity and care to your message.

If changing one word can boost results, think of what will happen when you transform the way you communicate.

It’s the difference between “Operators are waiting, please call now,” and “If operators are busy, please call again.” (Thank you, Dr. Robert Cialdini!)

Your success hangs on your every word.

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