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Friend or foe?

Being cautious about who we allow to approach us is built into our primitive brain.

Our job is to ensure the prospect feels safe and smart using their precious time reading further into our message.

Quickly. Within your first few words.

Don’t do this
Don’t start by introducing yourself. You’re prospecting, they likely don’t know you so knowing your name isn’t going to put them at ease.

Don’t start with a question like “How are you today?” or even “Are you ready to skyrocket your profits?” Though you may actually care how they are and your solution may in fact skyrocket sales, neither question will put them at ease. Rather, that generic approach is likely to have the opposite effect.

Don’t start by talking about what you hope, want, are interested in. What you want won’t put them at ease.

Do this
Give yourself the opportunity to become a friend by beginning with a touchpoint – an authentic point of reference.

Signal you are not foe – that you are not one of those self-centered sellers who write self-centered emails because you really don’t care about them but only about the sale – by beginning with an authentic touchpoint. This point of reference quickly and succinctly explains why you have the right to interrupt their day. It will buy you about 15 seconds more of their time to excite them to an action, time that is equivalent to the difference between 80% anti-bacterial hand sanitizer and 99.44% pure Ivory soap.

Here are some examples:
A few months ago you expressed interest in …
You and I connected awhile back about the possibility of …
Your name was given to me because you …
You and I met last year at … and …

The #1 smartest way to grab your prospects attention is simple and powerful. Use it!

Make friends quickly by immediately giving them a touchpoint.

In fact, here are additional examples I’d love to see you use to connect with me:
I read your blog post today about prospecting and …
What a simple yet great idea in today’s blog post!
Thanks so much for posting such great selling tips each Friday …
Your selling tips have made a huge impact on my success and …
Your “quote here” really inspired me to …

You’ve got this!

And a huge favor please, would you post your results or a thumbs up, or a comment if you enjoy my blog posts? Your comments would mean so much to me.

Before you go…

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