What are your goals and dreams?

I’m taking a wild leap here, but if you’re like I am, you want more. More:
•engaged prospects
•buyers who are happy to say, “Yes, please!”

Soooooo…..what are you doing to make it happen?

It’s too easy these days to feel isolated, alone and scared when what we need are a method, tools and confidence to get best results.

Here are some of the fresh tools needed to thrive today:
Simple ideas to use social to fill your pipeline
Words that build trust – and eliminating what you’re doing that weakens your value prop
Email prospecting structure that works over 80% of the time
When to follow-up – and how
Controlling the next step with respect and confidence
Questions that create distinction and show care
How to build rapport & intimacy on a virtual call
What not to do when presenting virtually
Secrets to keeping listeners engaged, having fun and feeling smart about your product or service
“Personal” coaching with your emails & sticky situations
Messaging that is brain-friendly and powerful
Creating emotional certainty so buyers feel at ease
What to do right away, then next, and after that, to drive sales and $$$$$

Guess what? You’ll learn all that and more during the next 4-part sales & communication learning series.

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Whether you’ve been selling for 30 years or 3 months (what luck!), if your pipeline is too empty for comfort or cash, if you’re busy but not busy booking business, decide now to attend this learning series.

You’ll hear how YOU can drive significant results and convert more leads into booked business.
You’ll discover how YOU can create distinction, build trust and engage buyers in a new, meaningful, authentic way.

You can count on increasing revenue and feeling positive about the future.

So start next Thursday, July 9. Yes. You will communicate differently immediately after the first hour of training. Join other like-minded high achievers who are ready to boost their influence, elevate their customer’s experience and kick into high gear.

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Without F2F, the world isn’t stopping. It is changing and smart sellers will change too.

According to Cendyn, 2020, “Email continues to reign as the favored channel of communication for marketing and business.”

Rain Group says, “Email is one of the top ways to break through and secure meetings with targeted buyers. In fact, 80% of buyers say they prefer to be contacted by sellers via email. It’s an essential part of any prospecting plan.”

But only if the emails are strategic and smart.

If your initial prospecting email says anything like,
I’d love to meet with you to share more
My name is and I’m writing to…
Our company specializes in …. and we can….
Stop. Right. Now!

Count on small and big practical adjustments to accelerate engagement and ensure you achieve your goals and live your dreams!

Click here to reserve your seat. Space is limited and you won’t want to be the person who misses out!

Before you go…

Looking for practical, specific ideas to position your team for success when recovery comes? Sue provides engaging, fully customized virtual training that will energize your team – and their sales results.

To learn more about virtual training possibilities custom fit to your needs, please email Sue@SpeakerSue.com or call (+1-480-575-9711). Your team will thank you for giving them the tools they need now.

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