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The Language of Hospitality

Doug Kennedy wrote an inspiring blog post about changing the language used to be more hospitable – particularly when one is in the hospitality industry (though really an enchanting idea for all!).

There is a huge difference between a front desk person looking at you (which, by the way, is at least a nice start, when they do!) and saying, “Checking in?” (duh?!) or “Welcome to the ABC Hotel!”

Words make such a difference to how others feel about their experience.

Every interaction provides an opportunity to help the customer (and colleagues, too) feel valued, smart and appreciated, or like an interruption or an annoyance to your “real” work.

Elevate the other person and you elevate yourself. Try this: Begin or end (or both!) every interaction today with an authentic and positive thought. And not just thank you (and especially not: Thank you for this opportunity (because that is about the opportunity you are getting, not what they are receiving from you). Say something meaningful:
•Your ideas have given me a fresh perspective. Thank you! Or:
•You make our team shine!
•Your enthusiasm always makes my day!
•Your help saved me hours. You rock!

Be hospitable at every touchpoint.

Comments? What words make you cringe?

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