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The Name Game: Why it matters more than you think

Pansy. That was the name she chose instead of Scarlett. Oh, and if that wasn’t bad enough, get this: Tara was originally named Humboldt Hall. What was Margaret Mitchell thinking?! Would Gone with the Wind have been gone with the wind?

Names matter. Words matter.

What a difference there is between saying:

I can hear your conversation over the cubicle and I can hear you shouting over the cubicle.

One is an observable truth and the other is a judgment call.

Or how about:

Why are you purposefully not sending me the emails that everyone else is getting and I’m wondering why I can’t See here for this game but it isn’t on the distribution list. (See above explanation.)

Every word we choose impacts the results we get.

Oh and if you’re in Atlanta with a few minutes to spare, check out the tour at the Margaret Mitchell House and Museum. Did you know that Melanie was named after a cousin who wanted to marry Doc Holiday, but they were distantly related, so she became a nun and he became an outlaw… and when Margaret Mitchell asked Melanie if she could use her name in her book, Melanie said yes as long as the character was a good person!

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