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What confrontation is and isn’t

So, how surprised was I to see my Google alert showing that I was quoted here. On an Arabic Google site. Which is very cool. But scary, and fun. Scary because I’m wondering where/how the blogger found my quote. Fun… well, wonderful fun because he found my quote, and is using it.

But wait. He distorted my words. I think he took them from a blurb for an upcoming workshop which has absolutely nothing do to with his topic. But I have options. I have choices (we always do). I can ignore him. Or I can confront him in a respectful and professional manner. And because at this very moment, I’m creating a two-day program for a client to beta test in Mallorca on Advanced Communication Skills, it seems offensive to me to do anything else other than confront him.

Confront. It sounds so negative, so harsh, so awkward. But why? Why does a confrontation have to be anything other than a respectful conversation that confronts the issues? Which it is.

And so I did. Lovingly (I hope), respectfully (I hope) and full of curiosity (absolutely). I responded to this comment

Marketing and selling to Generation X is a work in progress, but if it is performed by the team at, it will be more than worth it. That means you can take what you do best and creatively wing it based on what you know about this unique marketplace. Declares motivational speaker and author, Sue A. Hershkowitz, CSP, “Look for ways to twist the familiar and success will beat a path to your door.”

We say: Gen-Xers may not beat a path to your door, but you can show them the way.:>>

like this:

<< From Sue กล่าวว่า…
Great info about Gen X. And thank you for quoting me. I stick by my comment, though it had nothing to do with Gen X, that if you do things differently, if you show people you care about them and their success, it won’t matter what the Gen it is. Love your “customers,” look for different ways to serve them, and success follows. ตุลาคม 13, 2008 7:17 หลังเที่ยง>>

It’s always easiest to ignore stuff we don’t want to deal with. But when it happens again, whose fault is it?

I’ll let you know if I hear back….

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