One of the most exciting parts of doing what I do – providing sales and communication training to teams throughout the world – is learning from my clients.

Yesterday, a corporate planner from a multi-national organization, and I, enjoyed a robust conversation about communicating with her leaders. She talked about how concerned those leaders are about the health and well-being of their associates. They are frozen – but not letting it go! – with fear that someone(s) will contract covid-19 while traveling to or attending their meetings. And so, they are not willing to commit to meeting dates.

On the hotel side, many are willing to do almost anything to secure confirmed bookings. They have plenty of interest but few decisions.

Every hotel company is crafting hygiene plans to elevate their current cleanliness policy. To put decision makers at ease, they are rolling out every form of next level cleaning and care.

Both are missing the point. Once restrictions are carefully and thoughtfully lifted allowing countries and states to go back to business, why should companies ask their associates to attend meetings and events?


For the same crucial reasons they held meetings pre-covid.

Because top performers don’t feel thanked, excited and motivated by a virtual hug (and a small check deposited to make up for a missed promise).
Because collaboration, creativity and innovation happens organically, and easily, when people are together.
Because deep customer relationships – regardless of all the zoom Happy Hours they attend – take F2F strategizing, understanding, laughing.
Because productivity needs motivation which is in short supply when 40 people are looking at themselves on their zoom screen.
Because driving revenue and profits takes launching new products, purposeful conversation and informal interaction.
Because selling – the life blood of every organization – doesn’t take place in a vacuum.

Hoteliers: It is not enough to simply educate your customers about your new cleaning protocols.
Planners: It is not enough to simply educate your executives about their new cleaning protocols.

Yes! Cleaning is vital and adds a layer of safety but it is NOT a reason to hold a meeting.

Those of you who use email to not just educate, but to inspire, guide and build trust around what really matters – meeting outcomes! – will lead us all into recovery and growth.

Remember FOMO (fear of missing out)?

It’s morphed to FOGO (fear of going out).

It’s up to you to inspire the confidence needed to overcome that new fear.

Before you go…

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