Isn’t it funny how we just know our call is going to go to the prospect’s voice mail yet (sometimes) we aren’t the least bit prepared to leave a compelling voice message? Crazy, right?

Just as with all aspects of selling, a thoughtful, authentic process boosts voice mail response rate.

Here is the process:

Do they know or like you?
1. IF they know and like you, begin with your name, and then add an authentic apology:
•Hi Prospect, this is Sue Hershkowitz-Coore and I’m so sorry to have missed you.

Are you just interrupting their day?
1A. When they don’t know you or may not be thrilled to be interrupted by your sales call, start with your apology and then state your name..
•Hi Prospect, I’m so sorry to have missed you. This is Sue with High Impact Presentations and…

Have you prepared them?
2. IF you based this on a prior email explaining you would call today, tell them that:
•As promised, I’m following-up

What compelling picture can you paint?
3. Provide a quick compelling vision of their success.
• to talk about possibilities to take your team’s selling skills to the next level.

Is the next step clear?
4. Clarify the next action
• I’ll plan to phone again later this month or if you have a few minutes, my # is 1-480-575-9711 (repeat).

What is their motivation?
5. Offer inspiration to close the call.
• When the time is right, count on a fully engaged sales team!

Show your manners!
6. Go to gratitude.
•Thanks so much!


If the prospect doesn’t know you, you have about a 3% chance they’ll call you back. If you don’t leave a voice message, you have 0%. Dramatically increase the likelihood of a call back with this process.

Then, just in case they don’t phone, you’ve already given yourself the right to phone again. When you do call, you just might be a welcomed interruption in their day.

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