Your prospect was interested enough to ask for a proposal, and you sent your best offer.

Now? Nothing. Absolute radio silence.

Here are three tactics to get response:

Do you have any relationship with them?

  1. If you don’t have any sort of relationship, you MUST get them re-excited about their success with your service or product.

Hi Prospect,

Knowing how important X is to the success of your event, these photos from last week’s fun and hugely successful  <Event similar> might help you to envision your success. These meeting planner and stakeholders were over the moon with the creativity …

So you’ve communicated and have a slight relationship

  1. If you feel you have a bit of a relationship (don’t fool yourself though, if they really liked you, they would have found a second to text you, even if it was only “Gonna strangle my VP! No decision yet!!), you might use a more direct and very positive approach:

Hi Prospect,

Great news! With six months out, the perfect space is still available for your event ….

You’ve worked together before. You know they’re slammed…

  1. When you have a great relationship and know the person is just busy or waiting for other decision makers, get creative. Have fun. Do something different. Try sending a funny but professional meme, bitmoji or other personalized message (try to make them laugh to spur a response. Even a response like “like herding cats, but worse” lets you know they are still interested.


Whatever you do, eliminate the oh-so-2008 openings like:

  • Just touching base….
  • Just checking in…
  • Just reaching out…

You are so much better than that!


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