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Competition for your next adventure has never been tougher. But you can set yourself apart and create distinction.

Here is a mini-checklist based on the webinar, “Find a Job You Love: How to Get Noticed & Set Yourself Apart,” Mike Gamble, CEO, Searchwide Global and I presented last week. Our only goal: to share what we know to make life easier for you.

Get that job! Create the right impression.

Is your head in the right space? “Don’t let the outcome of the last pitch affect the next one.” Sandy Koufax

Is your headshot emotionally smart? Are you smiling, looking directly at the camera, with no props in your hand (like a wine glass)?

Are you clear about your strengths? Start with 3 adjectives. Know thyself

Are you pro-actively improving your skills? Everyone has an Achille’s heel. Not everyone tries to strengthen it.

Is your LinkedIn profile awesome? Does it sell you for the job you want?

Is your LinkedIn headline smart? Is it a combo of smart search words and a mini-pitch of what you bring?

Are you wasting headline space with “Looking For New Opportunities”? just click their button.

Are you making a mistake by omitting information that can be used as a conversation starter or as a personal connection point?

Are you telling your story in a compelling, personable way that includes key words?

Are you communicating your achievements in a positive way, without diminishing their worth? (Bragging isn’t good but neither is belittling your accomplishments.)

Are you being specific, including specific results and not just writing fluffy “results-oriented leader” stuff?

Do your friends know you’re looking? Tell them!

Have you done your due diligence before applying? One size fits none.

Is your cover letter compelling and concise? Ditch the templates & boring words.

Does your cover letter highlight what they’ll gain or is it a regurgitation of all your other documentation?

Do your application and interview questions satisfy the interviewer’s most important question, why? Your qualifications matter but your thinking & ability to answer structured and unstructured questions may matter even more.

Does your application follow-up letter/email show authenticity and relevance?

Is your interview follow-up letter/email personalized and does it relate to the interview with memorability while concisely reminding the interviewer about your skills? (Yup, it’s a lot to ask but those who do it create distinction and set themselves apart.)

Do you have a professional follow-up to the follow-up email, if the air is filled with crickets? Just as you’d follow-up a quiet prospect, remember to follow-up your job lead too.


All the while, are you using LinkedIn to grow relationships with content, adding specific comments to content and connecting others?

It’s easy to get discouraged but less so when you realize you have a ton more leads to plumb. Beyond your LinkedIn contacts, reconnect with former bosses, past colleagues, previous clients. When you call or email, focus on them. Ask questions about their lives. Spend time learning about them. At some point, they’ll ask about you.

Make finding a job your job! Mike’s advice? Four – five hours a day is the sweet spot. Get cracking because you’ve got this!

Before you go…

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