Now that sales people can’t buy relationships anymore – no more expense account lunches, no more lavish (reciprocity building) simple to off-the-charts entertainment – what is the plan to gain and keep customers?

Truth is some sellers always knew the business relationship was about offering the best business solution, and not-so-much about the invite to the exclusive party.

But the parties were brag-worthy extravaganzas. And people always have and always will prefer to do business with people they like and who treat them nicely.

What is the plan now?
How will you create likeability, develop rapport and trust now that it’s you and a screen (and screaming kids in the messy background)?

Pay attention
A sales training company rep called to see if I wanted to partner with them. With a mutual good friend, I was intrigued and had agreed to the call. I got on all cheery and business like:
Me: Hi and great to connect, name. Your website is very interesting.
Seller: Yes and uh before we talk about that, how are you today?
Me: (in my head. busy!) Good thanks.
Seller: So tell me, isn’t mutual contact a great person? She and I go way back…. blah, blah, blah…

Ten minutes later, he finally allowed me to ask questions about his business model. Five minutes after that, I thanked him and hung up, unimpressed.

I wasn’t looking for a new friend; I was interested in learning about my new potential business opportunity.

Developing rapport today takes greater effort, more care and intense focus. Pay attention to their verbal and non-verbal cues.

Now that you can’t buy me love, you’ll actually have to give me love.

Don’t fake rapport.

Building rapport isn’t about your comfort zone; it’s about theirs.

Spending time chit chatting, for some people, is wasting their time. Take your cue from them.

Slowing the sales process down (which is critical) doesn’t necessarily mean amping up the buddy talk.
It means being prepared with insights and content that will help your buyer create greater success.
It definitely means eliminating all drama and creating positivity.

Give them that and you will become their friend.

It’s the things money can’t buy that matter now.

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