Your zoom calls were remarkable this week.

You built rapport and trust, engaged your buyer with your awesome facilitation skills and asked smart questions. They want more! <Insert woo-hoo here!>

So what happens next? (It’s not a trick question! What do you do next?)

You follow-up. Maybe with a proposal. Always with an email.

Because email is the glue that makes it all stick.

The importance of email as a tool of B2B engagement has grown from 29% pre-Covid, to 40% today!

But a boring, robotic, transactional, self-centered email doesn’t adhere to anything.

The thing is it’s easy to superpower your emails! Here’s how:

•Boost customer-centricity.
•Apply brain-friendly messaging.
•Make every step frictionless.
•Enhance authentic positivity.
•Be personable.
•Instill a sense of safety.

Email is your secret superpower! It’s a strategic tool to make more money (and the world a better place).

Your email templates from last year? Delete. Ditch. Discard.

Even though your product and service may be almost identical, your buyers’ needs have changed. And your email must too.

And while we’re at it…check your collateral. Are those photos of laughing people sitting two inches apart that I see? Are your beach chairs lined up next to each other? Is that a buffet I’m looking at?

You possess the ability to go beyond those of ordinary people with messaging that is thoughtful, smart and full of care.

Before you go…

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