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What’s your slogan?

By November 22, 2007 No Comments

My husband Bill, our dog, Buster, and I took a road trip to Bandon Trails, Oregon to the golf course that Bill and his guys designed, that has opened to rave reviews. We passed hundreds of trucks along the way from Scottsdale and if you haven’t noticed what clever marketers many of them are – start reading their slogans.

The great ones focus on the customer. Here are some:

  • Keeping Your Business Rolling
  • Driving Your Future
  • Our Business is Helping Yours
  • Driving Your Business
  • We take a load off your mind

And some not so great:

  • Smart Truckin’ (instead of what: Dumb Truckin”?)
  • Excellence in Motion
  • We Drive a Fine Line
  • We Mean Business

What’s your slogan? Do you focus on service and customer-centric benefits? Do you make it easy for your customers to understand how you help them drive (get it?!) success? A good slogan tells me what you do for me; not just what you do.

So, here’s your opportunity to share the best slogans you’ve seen on the road – and otherwise. Would love to review your company slogan!

Oh and check this out: Though not exactly a marketing slogan that sells their service, Batesville Caskets (I love that company name!), services their future customers well. This one made us take note when we zipped by at 75mph! “Drive safely. Heaven can wait!”

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