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Why Customers Don’t Buy From You

Imagine this: You are lucky enough to sit next to a prime prospect at a luncheon event. You are smart and don’t try to sell her during lunch but when you mention the company you work for, she starts a rant about how “pricey” you are though after awhile she says that she could be interested especially because her company is expanding to two areas where you also have locations.

She gives you her card but you ask for permission to follow-up (my finger wagging at you here).

Now what?

On a webinar yesterday, a hotel sales manager said that given this scenario she would send her hotel information and explain that they offer great value and aren’t really “pricey”.

No, no, no!

The point of the follow-up would be to maintain a trusting relationship and selling to her will ruin that possibility.

Instead, help her feel safe and smart. She was kind enough to provide valuable, honest information that you can use to build trust.

Instead of selling what you have when you don’t even know if it’s right for her, sell her on what she might possibly gain by talking with you further.

The main reason customers don’t buy from you (when you have something that they want) is because you, the salesperson, skipped important trust building steps.

Don’t skip steps in their buying process!

Try this:
Hi Name,
Thanks so much for your forthright comments when we met earlier this week at the ABC event. I appreciate your honesty.

Based on our conversation, it seems the XYZ Association might benefit from the solutions and value we can provide. With your expansion to _______ and ______, you can feel confident your meetings will provide the ROI you require …

Going for the “kill” – trying to sell when they aren’t ready to buy – is going to just damage the sale, it’s going to ruin the tenuous relationship and you won’t be able to get that back.

Think strategic and long term to ensure buyers want to choose what you have to offer.

Do you agree? What do you do to ensure successful follow-up?

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