Marketing, your Director of Revenue, or maybe even your DOS came up with a “great idea.” They gave you a 25% off promotion that you can use when prospecting. Their thinking: We need business now.

Yes (if you’re desperate).

NO (in every other case!).

When you prospect based on a discount, you devalue everything you offer.

Your buyer is likely to think your prices were too high to begin, so you’re rightsizing with the “discount”.

Or they’ll think you’re desperate which means they can negotiate more and more.

Worse, they’ll think you’re a crazy poor salesperson because they didn’t need/and didn’t ask for a 25% discount and you’ve just given away the store.

Top performers don’t prospect by discounting. They prospect by building excitement and value.

Your mother did not raise a stupid kid.

So unless you have a clear strategic plan (like getting your foot in the door) or you are the McDonalds of your industry and proud of it, do not prospect on a promotion.

Your job is to elevate the conversation not cheapen it.

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