You know this.

You know email is a rotten communication tool for answering questions because:
1. The question the buyer expresses may not be the real question.
2. Too much effort – friction! – is required answering questions.
3. An answer can read as negative or smarmy when really all that was meant was an answer!

The key is to not use email to handle difficult questions.

Except when you have no choice.

Then and please read this carefully: Go for the phone call.

Write an email that piques their interest enough, provides so much care and vision and value that your buyer will want to accept or even make the call.

Instead of second guessing the buyer, set up a call to discuss options.

You’ve been communicating with the meeting planner for ABC company and everything seems positive and rosy. When you offer to issue the sales agreement so he can secure this wonderful option, however, everything goes haywire.

Your sweet, helpful meeting planner responds with:
“Thank you for the information. The Board isn’t sure this is a great decision so I won’t be able to sign anything for awhile. I appreciate your help.”

If we deconstruct his response, we still have no idea what he means by “isn’t sure this is a great decision.”

Seriously, is it price, location, timing or a million other things? You don’t know what the true “objection” is.

But <big, big but>: It doesn’t matter.

In email your job is to give them enough confidence that they take or make a phone call to help you uncover the meaning of their words. Once you understand what is important to them, you can offer the best solution for them.

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