Thank you @DanielPink for giving me this idea; a fun way to celebrate the holiday of Passover and provide some thoughtful content too.

Four Questions to Ask Now!

(In no particular order…)
•What are you doing to bring joy into your life every day?
My (new) little thing: My husband and I bring a joke to each other every night at dinner. (Hey, it’s better than talking about the news!)

•What are you doing to bring “joy” to your clients?
If your brand is the least bit fun, interesting, awesome, what can you do to take the situation seriously, but not the small details? Can you:
– publish quizzes – with prizes (to be shipped post WFH!)?
-launch a fantasy contest? (If you could travel anywhere, go to a sporting event, dine outside the home, shop at a bricks and mortar retail mall, where would you go? Why? Winner wins a chicken dinner!
-vote on the best before and after closet/cupboard/desk?
-create an iPot recipe, hold an iPot virtual dinner – or maybe just an iPost class? (Please include me if you teach the class!)
So many ideas to lighten the mood and cement relationships – on-brand!!

•What are you doing to answer yes – even if yes isn’t the yes they want?
Your client emails and needs X. You aren’t sure if you can provide X. With all the time in the world on your hands, you quickly explain how sorry you are but you aren’t sure if you can provide X.
But wait, what else is similar to X? When could you provide X? Consider new, creative ways to say yes. And stop apologizing so much!

•What are you doing to create emotional certainty?
There has never been so much uncertainty. Yet, it isn’t knowing the exact date this will end that people crave (though that would be nice, even if impossible!). Much more, your clients need to know you’ll still be there, you’ll still care, you’ll help them in every way you can through it and past it.

No bonus this week. There are only Four Questions, so these are mine for you, today.

What are your Four Questions?

Happy Passover! Happy Easter! Happy day!

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