21st Century Email Savvy – The GQ test

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When I think of GQ, I can’t help but picture a blonde haired guy in preppie clothes standing with one leg crossed in front of the other, one hand in his pocket and the other leaning on his golf club. But I digress.

So, I was excited when GQ took the time to list 66 rules, tips and secrets for living like a gentlemen in the 21st century. Less excited when it wasn’t on their website. Fortunately, Mario Sundar posted their tips – an exclusive here.

They/he calls this Gadget Etiquette. Very cool. And very sad because how can this be more than common sense?

#1. Don’t check your phone in a social setting. This shouldn’t be brain surgery. But the addiction runs deep. As if someone or something really important is going to email you with a message that is more important than what is happening in real time. I see people choosing to check their email during short networking breaks at meetings. Who-a. You’re there to network not disappear/hide behind your iPhone/Blackberry/whatever.

#2 and #3. If checking email is critical (like you’re closing on your home [if you can find a mortgage] or your baby sitter might email, or you’re expecting an otherwise really important message), ask the people you’re socializing if it’s okay with them that you check. That’s their advice. I say, explain to your companions why you want to check before you check. Tell them the life altering email you’re waiting for so when it comes they can celebrate/commiserate with you rather than think that you’re dismissing them in favor of an email possibility. (It’s kind of like talking with someone at a social event whose eyes constantly scan the room to see if there is someone “better” to talk to. Creepy.)

#4. Vibrate Mode. What a great excuse.

#5. Avoid indiscriminate emails. Be careful of what you send and who you send it to. Only an exhibitionist would be interested in letting everyone see everything hang out. Don’t let your emails ruin your reputation. It’s too easy and too quick and can’t be taken back. Ever.

Any other tips for email civility? Let’s hear what you do/hate/recommend.

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