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How good are your email messages? 2 Tips to Apply Today

“Email is the tightest link ever forged between buyer and seller. Email is the heartbeat of the Internet.” Stan Rapp, CEO, Enguage

1. Take the risk out of buying. The easiest thing to do today is to stick with the familiar. If you want to break into new markets then, it’s vital that you make it risk-free for your prospect. Offer your services or product with some sort of money-back, risk-free promotion. Offer BOGO (Buy One, Get One). I’ve started offering a full money-back guarantee to my new clients. What can you do to make it easy for prospects to give you a try?

2.  Sell trust. Every communication you send must increase buyers’ and prospects’ comfort. From error-free emails that are truly focused on your customer to responding appropriately to on-line reviews, how you “look” helps customers determine if they can trust you.

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