You’re in luck! If you make presentations and want them to be more clever and more compelling, you’re going to love this! If you have to prospect or cold call and you want to get people break through and help them to listen to you, you’re gonna love this, too. Oh, and if you ever have to deal with people – either F2F or in email – who aren’t exactly buying into what you have to say, and you want to win them over and be more persuasive, you, too, will be delighted.

Prentice Hall/Penguin books just released my new book: How to Say It to Sell It: Key Words, Phrases, and Strategies to Build Relationships, Boost Revenue and Beat the Competition. It’s part of their best-selling How to Say It series and it’s chock full (really!) of specific tips, scripts and strategies to help you increase your influence every time you communicate.

The book has 3 parts: Communication skills, Presentation skills and Email Etiquette/Sales Writing skills. And, here’s what Jeffrey Gitomer, sales maven and author of The Little Red Book of Selling (and Black Book, Gold Book, etc) said about How to Say It: “This book is BOTH what you say AND how you say it! Buy it and study the strategies – your customers will love you, and your competition will hate you.” I love that! You’ll love the book because it’s an easy read (even fun) and every page has specific and practical stuff to help you build strong relationships and create greater success.

Be the first to write a review. Recommend it to your friends. Watch me on Oprah. Okay. Overkill. I’ll stop now.

How to Say It to Sell It. On sale now!

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