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Selling Skills: The 6 secrets to asking for the next step in email

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The question keeps coming up at my sales writing workshops: How do I ask for the next step?

1. Always give them a reason to want to accept or take the next step.

2. Make it about them not about you, your product, your deadlines, your anything.

3. Know exactly what you want the next step to be.

4. Be clear about who will take the next step; what the expected action is.

5. Never end with something procedural to you.

6. Make it easy for them to take the next step.


I’ll call you tomorrow to talk about a meeting place so special your attendees will thank you for finding us.

If this sounds like something that will help your customers save money and time, please email <> or call me (480-575-9711). Show your customers  their success is what drives yours.

I’ll follow up with you Friday to ensure we’ve covered everything you require for a successful meeting.

Please fax the agreement to 480-575-9714. After that, your work is done! We’ll create a party that is appropriate, fun and lets your associates know you’re grateful for their hard work this year.

Apply these examples to whatever you sell by telling your reader what you want and why it’s worth it to them to do it.

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