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Why dog lovers make the best salespeople

By November 19, 2009 No Comments

The rescue dog wouldn’t stop digging and the owner tried everything. The vet’s advice? Make one area in the backyard so attractive to the dog that the dog won’t want to dig anyplace else.

Now if you’re a dog lover, you know what attractive means. It doesn’t count any of the stuff that we find attractive unless it falls under the mutually adored category of food. Attractive means bones,  toys and dog treats and maybe even some good smelly stuff.

Bury the bones and toys and treats, the vet said, but make it easy for the dog to find. Set the dog up for success.

So why do dog lovers make the best salespeople? Because they’ll do it. They’ll take the time to think about the things that matter most to the dog and create a solution that fits the dog’s needs. And that is exactly what great salespeople do. From the cold call to the thank you, they design everything around the customer’s needs, the buyer’s goals, the client’s success.

I’m not comparing customers to dogs (though if I can come back as my dog in a next life, how sweet would that be, so this is definitely not an insult [and I didn’t even have to explain that to a dog lover]!). I’m saying the more you figure out how to make something attractive to your customer, the more likely they are to focus where you want them to focus; the more likely they are to listen and maybe even buy. It has nothing to do with what you like or want or what your sales process is. It has everything to do with their needs and their buying process.

Maybe cat lovers get this but I don’t know.

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