Presenting to people with authority over us – decision makers whether internal or external – makes mush of our brains.

It’s like having company over and noticing the walls need painting. Everything becomes more intense, more noticeable, more unacceptable.

We see ourselves as “less than” which makes us less. Or worse, we become annoyingly more: more impressive with our words, more agreeable, more knowledgeable than we really are.

Instead… wait for it: Be your authentic self.

Don’t equivocate because it’s the boss you’re talking to.
Take a stand.
Don’t sugarcoat bad news.
Be ready with the solution.

Don’t think you need to be more than you are.
Almost everyone your customer or leader talks to is trying to suck up. Don’t.
Trust yourself. Tell them what you do know with full prep to intelligently support ideas.
Don’t disguise the truth in fancy words. Be conversational, clear and appropriately fun.

Don’t make yourself the hero.
It’s not about you looking good; it’s about making them look good, be more successful, achieve more, do more, be happier.
Put your “customer” first. Always.

The presentation mistake that makes us look like amateurs is pretending to be someone we aren’t.

Skip the small talk.

Give them the main point first. Forget the preamble about how you did your research (about you), credentials (about you), or what you’d like to accomplish today.

Tell authentic stories to make your point. But don’t be so in love with your story that you forget about the point. And shorten the story because your listener is busy.

Tell fun and funny stories.

Ask questions.

Be conversational.

It all comes back to being you. Trust yourself. You are good enough.

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