Clearly email etiquette is important to you because so many of you engaged with last week’s post, The 3 Most Annoying Email Habits. Here is Part Two: How NOT to be THAT person!

The Sneak
You send an email to your colleague and BCC another colleague, or your boss. It really doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you’ve been deceptive; fancy language for a liar. When the recipient believes your communication is just to her – and it isn’t – well, that makes your relationship with the original recipient creepy.

But wait. There’s more.

Your relationship with the person you’ve now BCC’d has also changed. If you sneaked around behind one person’s back, might you not be doing the same with her?

The sneak category also includes adding return receipts. Why would you need a return receipt other than because you think the recipient may pretend (fancy word for …) that he never received your message? You’re calling him the liar this time.

Tip: If you really need to let someone know what you wrote to someone else, forward a copy of the email. Better yet, man/woman-up and be transparent. Put them on the CC line.

The Mystery (subject line) Writer
Your prospecting email subject line started correctly because you mentioned your mutual contact’s name: Sophie Spaniel suggested we connect…. (Perfect!)

And they respond, using the same subject line.

Then you respond. With the same subject line.
Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

But now you – or they – need to find something you emailed about. And the frustration begins, mounts and then becomes not worth the effort.

It’s not just prospecting emails, by the way. Anytime the subject line stays the same for days, weeks, months, you’re missing an opportunity.

Tip: When the subject changes, change the subject line.

The Chicken
You know who you are. You’re dealing with a difficult situation or person and you’d rather email twelve times than pick up the phone once.

It may seem like a great idea except that once you commit your message to email – no matter how well you write it – you are out of control. Your recipient – whether buyer or boss – will read into what she wants, and you have to deal with the aftermath.

It’s true you have “documentation.” It’s also true that you likely didn’t resolve the issue in the best possible way. Collaboration – much more likely gained during a phone call – will yield best business results.

Tip: When you most don’t want to, pick up the phone. When misunderstanding occurs or you have bad news to convey, email won’t serve you best.

Email is a fabulous business communication tool when used strategically and smartly. Avoid distracting your recipient. Use your good manners. Make SpeakerSue proud!

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