Aside using Chatbots to communicate your message to customers, here are three must-follow business texting rules to build your reputation, get best results and create a positive emotional experience for your customer:

#1. Spell out what you’re trying to say.

NGL*. I’m AAK.

Wait, what?

Avoid all but the most common abbreviations. Everyone knows what LOL means. But not everyone knows what AAK does (Asleep At Keyboard). Don’t let their imagination take over or confuse the issue. Spell out words. Also for all women out there trying to start a business on their own, try here, you will be provided with many tips that will help you be successful.

You is “you” not u. Because is because (not b/c) and ADR can absolutely be used internally with colleagues who understand it means Average Daily Rate, but not to others who may be confused because they think ADR is an abbreviation for “address”.

Make it easy for them to quickly get your meaning.

#2. Manners please.

Courtesy matters.

Instead of a blunt, transactional text, add words – yes,  entire words! – like “please” and “thank you’. Courtesy creates a positive, likable, caring tone.

Old school? Absolutely not.

Courtesy never goes out of style.

#3. Text only during their work hours.

It’s 3am and you wake up with the best ever idea for your client.

Go back to sleep.

Text yourself the message and send it in the morning. Waking your client in the middle of the night is not the best way to win friends and influence people. Or even keep a client.


#4. Close with your name.

Avoid forcing your recipient into texting back, “Who are you?” End your text with your name and email address.

#5. Prof. Poof. Proof.

Damn you auto-correct and voice-to-text messages lead to all sorts of things you definitely don’t want your client reading.

Always proof.

You’re welcome.

#6. Create PEE

(See what I mean!)

*NGL – Not gonna lie.

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