Emojis and emoticons are the body language of today’s world.

Use them.

But don’t go nuts.

It’s better to use precise, thoughtful language than depend upon a smiley to ensure your reader understands your intent.

On the other hand, if one 🙂 will take the place of two sentences or efficiently explain to a rushed reader, use it.

Your personality, the recipient’s personality and your brand all come into play.

If the email is more formal, your leader is old-school, your brand is conservative or you’re communicating for the first time, go for clarity rather than a more informal touch.

A smiley doesn’t equal a smile. It simply clarifies intent.

Yet to say you can’t or shouldn’t use emojis today is oh so 2008.

If you still question the use of the exclamation point, this post probably isn’t resonating for you! Oh, look! Another exclamation point!

Yes, you can use them too.

But be careful not to overuse any of these shortcuts.

If you give readers the chance to misunderstand, they will. Precise, concise messaging always wins the day.

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