“Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for a safe and healthy New Year!
I am hopeful our paths will cross soon.

Wait? Why send a holiday greeting unless it’s to create warmth and friendship a warm, fuzzy feeling?

You can do better! Here are 5 easy ideas:

1. Personalize your message. Begin with their name. An email blast is NOT a holiday message.
Hi Poodle,
Happy Holidays Poodle!

2. Open with a hearty, authentic positive statement.
Cheers to the New Year!
The vaccine is here! The vaccine is here!
What a wonderful time of year it is!

3. Thank them
It’s the perfect time to…
thank you for the trust you’ve placed in us/We are grateful for our collaboration/partnership ….
thank you for the opportunities you’ve given to us/the opportunity to express our gratefulness to you…
In unfamiliar times, you stuck with us. Thank you for your trust and enthusiastic support.

4. Bring it home with joy and a focus on their success and happiness!
Wishing you and yours an awesome holiday season and a spectacular New Year!
Wishing you continued success and the best year ever!
Here is to a fantastic 2021 and seeing XYZ (them) achieve ……

5. End with warmth.
Happy Holidays!

What do you gain from sending an email blast? What does your customer gain?

Make a better connection by making it about them.

And though all the time is a good time to project positivity and care, this season offers special opportunities to bring light and lightness to the world.

May you enjoy a warm and wonderful holiday season and a spectacular New Year!

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