Where do prospecting emails go wrong and what makes them work?

Answer #1: At the beginning

Too much throat clearing.
Too much self-focus.
Too much bull^(*&.

Hi Name,
Hope you are well! My name is Suzy Salesperson and my company, No Influence, is the leader in X, Y and Z. You may remember we met at ABC a few weeks ago and I am reaching out to you today to see if you might have a need for…

Answer #2: Updating the beginning

Start with a quick touchpoint.
Get to what matters to them.
Focus on their needs.
Value their time.

Hi Name,
You and I met at ABC and you mentioned you’re always looking for fresh ideas for X, Y and Z. You can count on Innovative approaches, creativity and a caring team at Company for …

Sure, this was an easy example because in it, we had met and I used that as our touchpoint.

You can use this same strategy whether your “meeting” was on LinkedIn (who do you have in common?) or you found their name on a qualified list (why were they there?).

Boost your prospecting efforts by eliminating stuff they’re not going to read anyway. Get to the point – their point! – to double and triple prospecting success.

What else causes prospecting failure and what can you do about it?

Answer #1: Making them work
Make the next step as easy as possible. For them.

The less they have to do, the more likely it is they’ll move to a next step.

BTW, “click here” may seem simple but what happens – what do they have to do – once they click?

Answer #2: Take respectful control of the next step
Explain when you will phone them, unless of course another time is better for them.

Email will yield a prospecting bonanza only when you:
convey authentic care,
keep your message concise
stay laser-focused on their success and
make the next step easy.

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