Here’s a pop quiz to start the new year:

Are you a:
A. better writer than talker?
B. better talker than writer?

Most likely, if you’re in sales, you’re charismatic, fun, smart and a great story teller and talker, especially when it comes to your product or service.

Most people are simply better at creating influence one-on-one, talking, than they are using a virtual communication tool.

So why are you depending on email to initiate, engage, advance and close business?

Yes, it’s true many clients prefer it that way.

Have you considered why?

They get to pick the time of their response (unless you otherwise take control) and pretty much the messaging too. They ask the questions and you respond.

Does that allow you to play to your strength?

Yes, of course you need to respect their time and preference.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t ever set up a phone meeting.

Talking changes the dynamic of the relationship because laughing together creates bonds way stronger than a back and forth, LOL.

Just one phone call enables your buyer to hear your passion for their success and enables you to discover more about the client both personally (is that a Springer Spaniel barking in the background?) and professionally.

The start of a new year is the perfect time to begin a more successful sales strategy – one that includes more than email to create successful and satisfying business relationships.

Yes but…
I’m comfortable on the phone
I prefer to use email too so I can respond at my convenience
What if they ask stuff I can’t answer?
How do I advance the sale when they have objections to what I’m offering?

You’re right! Having a conversation can be scary without modern, practical, authentic conversational tools.

Do this:
Focus on them.
Help them see a distinct and successful outcome.
Make the next step simple for them.

And find a way to polish ALL your communication skills this year.

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