Brain theory. Who knew it was the key to selling more?

The left side is never satisfied. It’s always looking for a right or wrong answer and because there is always some information missing, it can’t get no satisfaction.

The right side is creative and imaginative and when it’s stimulated, it produces the “cuddle hormone” oxytocin.

And this impacts selling how?

Because when the right side gets excited, it produces oxytocin and (more or less) overpowers the left side of the brain (that is still trying to make an entirely correct decision).

Email that focuses on transaction, information and content, appeal to the never satisfied left brain.

Email that appeals to the “emotional brain” create desire, need, trust, happiness and more.

Your job is to help your buyers feel it and see it.

Get the “cuddle hormone” going with emotionally sticky messaging.

Win their hearts (or “gut”) and their minds will follow along.

1. Here is the information you requested. Thank you.

2. Thanks again for asking for X. You can be certain your guests will enjoy comfort and convenience here.

The first sentence is transactionally perfect.

But the second statement offers the stimulation needed to produce oxytocin to boost trust and desire.

Cuddle anyone?

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