Ugghhh! Probably not the best way to begin a post but I can’t help it.

In response to an earlier post on ditching the break up email, someone sent me what they do when they send the break up email and get “yes, now.”

They bomb the relationship.

Oh, they didn’t think that is what they were doing, but admitted it got “very low response.”

Thanks for your email. I closed your file. Since it is over, I have a quick question. Why is it you aren’t interested? Was it something I did?
I look forward to hearing from you.

Uggghhh! Again!


It IS likely something you did! Or didn’t.

You didn’t bother to personalize. Or make it relevant. Or build excitement. Or, make it about them. Or, make it easy. Or connect your “research” with their need.

Or you were fake.
Fake, (Here is a hint: If there is a meme making fun of an expression you like to use, it’s time to not use it anymore.) One of my newest do-not-use favorites is: I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t…” Oh, puhleeze!

Do not use the used-car “sell this pen” strategy/approach/whatever of, “I’ve asked my manager and until five o’clock today I can also throw in this for you.” Until I just read it, I thought everyone had stopped using and recommending this cheesy-manipulative and non-effective “technique.”

That also goes for:
“I’ve found that when people say they will keep my information on file, typically it’s just a polite way of saying they aren’t interested. If that is the case, do I have your permission to close your file?”

Yes, Please. Just close the damn file. You’re ruining it for yourself and every other SDR, AE and sales outreach ever.

To do:
Amp up the authenticity from the very first email in your sequence.

Instead of trying to outsmart your prospect, because if that is your sales strategy, excuse me, but that isn’t very smart, try to serve them. It works almost every time.

PS. Who closes files anymore anyway? Uggghhh!

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