By now, everyone knows making a sales presentation or facilitating via Zoom/Teams is not the same as being there in person. But, given no choice, customers and prospects, accept the reality. We may not like it but they are willing to deal with it.

If you’re going to be at your best, a great light helps you look better. 🙂

But what really matters is how you structure your presentation.

Begin by asking yourself: What questions do I want to ask them?

Stay with me, please!

Look at these questions:
How does this (this = whatever I’ve just presented) feel when you think about your vision for your day? (Wedding specialists!)
How does this compare to the way you’re doing it now? (Manufacturing demo)
What part of this seems like it will be easy to implement? (Learning facilitators)
What do you think your stakeholders would say if they were on their way here? (Destination/Hotel/Venue)

What does your presentation need to include for you to ask these questions?

Once you know the questions you’ll ask, design the presentation – each chapter – to ask those questions!

You’ll be amazed at how much more focused your presentation will be and how much more engaged your listeners will be, too.

Don’t ruin it with your deck.

Right now, I see too many decks that act as a speaker crutch. All the notes no one ever wanted to read splayed on the screen for everyone to ignore. Except the presenter reads every word as if participants are unable to read.

Your deck is a tool to help you, yes!

More importantly, it’s there to help your customers, colleagues, participants remember your key points.

Use visual prompts instead of long sentences.
Key word(s). Icons. Graphics.

Also, please stop the bullet point lists.

If you must include multiple points, create a different slide for each point.

When presenting virtually, the more screen movement the better.

Virtual and hybrid presentations are here to stay so you might as well get good at it now!

Before you go…

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