Could this be your best time?

At the risk of sounding insensitive about the pandemic (please know my 94 year old mother spent 22 days in the hospital with covid-19, so I’m not diminishing the situation), too many sellers are being way too sensitive, too fearful and too tentative.

Research gathered last week, from almost 500 sellers, showed 72% of sales people do not feel confident about selling now. This likely isn’t a huge shock. There is a 72% chance you also feel that way.

So here is your tip of your day: Focus on their outcomes even if it’s only aspirational right now.

Bring them back to:
Why are they having that meeting to begin with?
What can they accomplish best face-to-face?
What isn’t happening because they aren’t doing X (meeting, investing, strategizing)?

About a million years ago, Professor Theodore Levitt said, “People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill. They want a quarter-inch hole!”

Good advice but not enough.

Your value prop isn’t about you, your features or your service.

It isn’t about the drill or the hole.

Your value proposition is about the outcome of that quarter inch hole.
How beautiful that painting looks hanging on the wall.
How safe and secure that lamp is above the baby’s crib.
How convenient that towel rack is to not drip water on the floor.

Or maybe:
How productive, energized, empowered my team is.
How much closer my clients feel to my product & service.
How much time my teams are saving through better communication and teamwork.

Your super power is to not stop with the hole. Your value prop is to talk to me about what matters to me.

What if right now they can’t afford the painting and therefore don’t need the hole or the drill?
What if right now they can’t plan the meeting, wedding, travel because uncertainty prevents commitment?
What if right now they are too scared, or without voice, to move forward?

Then, this is your time.
This is your time to help them manage today and imagine a better tomorrow, even if it is a bit hazy.

Instead of focusing on the hole – or the void – provide tools to focus on the outcome desired. That changes everything.

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